Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. General (This Forum is dismissed on September 1, 2017 )

1. General

Q-1.1: What is the role of this forum?

This forum aims to develop and provide the Japan Specific Compliance Rules for IPTV-ES (IPTV End-point Service) and its test criteria, and the Implementation Guidelines of DRM part.

Q-1.2: Who represents this forum?

The chair of this forum is from Panasonic Corporation and the vice chair is from Sony Corporation now. The officers such as chair and vice chair are appointed by the Steering Committee and the members of Steering Committee are appointed by the General Assembly meeting.

Q-1.3: Is this forum a corporation?

No, this forum is a voluntary organization.

Q-1.4: What can be obtained after becoming a member of this forum?

The IPTV-ES Japan Specific Compliance Rules and the Implementation Guidelines will be obtained.

Q-1.5: Can I contribute proposals to the Compliance Rules and Implementation Guidelines after becoming a member?

The Compliance Rules and Implementation Specification are developed by the working group. If you wish to do so, please contact the admin. office after becoming a member.

Q-1.6: Can Marlin be used for the commercial services and devices without becoming a member?

As the Letter Notice of Marlin Trust Management Organization (MTMO) shows, joining of this forum is required to implement Marlin IPTV-DRM in Japan in order to comply with the IPTV-ES Japan Specific Compliance Rules provided by this forum

Q-1.7: How can I contact with Marlin-DRM Users Forum Japan?

Please mail to _atmark_ for @).

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