Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

4. About Marlin

4. About Marlin

Q-4.1: What is Marlin? What is Marlin-DRM?

Marlin DRM is a content management system for CE devices and multimedia services, and its technical specifications are available at Marlin Developer Community (MDC)

Q-4.2: Where should I contact about MDC and MTMO?

Please mail to _atmark_ for @) for the information about MDC¡¦MTMO. also japanese availavle.

Q-4.3: Can I obtain the support for the MTMO contract or technical support for the implementation?

This forum does not intend to support either of these activities. About obtaining the support for MTMO contract, please mail to _atmark_ for @)

Q-4.4: Can I obtain the Marlin specifications if I join this forum?

This forum does not provide the Marlin technology specifications. Please access to Marlin Developer Community (MDC).

Q-4.5: Can I obtain the information for the commercial use of Marlin technologies, if I join this forum?

No, Marlin technology specifications are available at Marlin Developer Community (MDC). In order to use them for the commercial purpose, visit Marlin Trust Management Organization (MTMO). In addition to the above, necessary information for Marlin IPTV-ES based deployment in Japan including Japan Specific Compliance Rules and Implementation Guidelines is available for the members of this forum.

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