Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

2. Become a Member (This Forum is dismissed on September 1, 2017)

2. Become a Member

Q-2.1 Can a non-corporate organization or individual become a member of this forum?

No, the non-corporate organization or the individual cannot become a member.

Q-2.2: Are there any agreements to become a member of this forum?

The agreement to the membership Terms & Conditions is required. It is done by signing the application form.

Q-2.3: Is an official signature certified by my company required for the application? Who is the adequate signer for this?

Upon agreement to the membership Terms & Conditions, the application form will be filled out with adequate signature. The forum does not have any regulations for the signature of the application form.

Q-2.4: Are there any criteria to be qualified as a member of this forum?

Yes. Applicants are desired to sign MTMO agreements within 18 months. The term 'Users' of this forum means those who have intention to commercialize products or services using MDC specifications.

Q-2.5: What will happen if MTMO contract is not signed within 18 months?

The appricant will be withdrawn from the member according to the membership Terms & Conditions.

Q-2.6: Does the forum require the membership fees?

No, the membership fees are free of charge.

Q-2.7: Are there any remaining duties at the withdrawal of the membership?

The remaining duties are the continuance of RAND condition for the essential patents, the permission of the use for the copyrighted works and the duties of maintaining confidentiality.

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